WELCOME TO - Energy Saver Lights

Energy Saver Lights (ESL) of North America is a high technology lighting company. While ESL’s main operating office is located in the United States, ESL lamps meet the needs of inhabitants all over the world. ESL is not a source for cheap lamps. The cornerstone of ESL’s marketing strategy is based on staying in concert with the requirements of the market for high quality lighting solutions and bringing to the market products having maximum energy efficiency.

Consumers who purchase the high quality ESL brand bring into their home (or place of work) lighting products meeting the highest standard for safety and performance as established by the US Government. Because of the high standards of ESL lighting products they have an average life span of seven year, allowing consumers to save up to $30 over the life time of the lamp and since ESL lamps use 75 percent less energy than standard light bulbs they pay for themselves in about 6 months.

Energy Saver Lights (ESL) has many competitors producing low-priced lighting products with similar claims. But, in many cases the products do not have the life span or energy efficiency claimed. All ESL lighting products have been certified by the US Department of Energy or the US Environmental Protection Agency as being Energy Star quality products. Thus, ESL lamps / bulbs are proven technologies meeting the highest standards to reduce energy cost, save energy and durability. All ESL employees are committed to helping shape the coming decades with exciting newborn lighting applications and platforms such as LED technology, which, in addition to the benefits of energy savings, will offer new capabilities to produce lighting solutions never before seen.